VAGO Solutions Joins NVIDIA Inception

NVIDIA Inception Deep Learning Institute VAGO Solutions Artificial Intelligence

Hennef, GermanyApril 09, 2024—VAGO Solutions today announced it has joined NVIDIA Inception, a program that nurtures startups revolutionizing industries with technological advancements.

VAGO Solutions is focused on training and fine-tuning large language models (LLMs) to the needs of business processes;developing cutting-edge AI applications to run LLMs within business processes; and integrating databases with AI applications to leverage business knowledge and information.

VAGO Solutions plans to use the resources available through NVIDIA Inception, including preferred pricing on NVIDIA hardware and free cloud credits, to advance its LLM training and performance. The program will also offer VAGO Solutions the opportunity to collaborate with industry-leading experts and other AI-driven organizations.

“The key to our success lies in accessing resources that can assist us in transforming our ideas and concepts for cutting-edge AI technologies into tangible business solutions. To achieve this, we need support in accessing top accelerated computing technology, increasing market awareness of our services, and making contact with key players in the AI community. NVIDIAInception assists us with such resources to further drive our business,” said Dr. Daryoush Daniel Vaziri, Co-Founder at VAGO Solutions.

NVIDIA Inception helps startups during critical stages of product development, prototyping, and deployment. Every Inception member gets a custom set of ongoing benefits, such as NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute credits, preferred pricing on NVIDIA hardware and software, and technological assistance, which provides startups with the fundamental tools to help them grow.

Link zum NVIDIA Inception Programm